Hi, my name is John Smith. I work as a professional musician and an audio engineer. I compose songs, write lyrics, and publish my music. I enjoy being a studio musician and working on many projects. I have experience working in a major recording studio with leading music industry producers.

On my website, you will find my reviews of musical instruments and the latest tech news about equipment. I post some useful informative articles that discuss the insider specifics about topics of interest to all musicians. I am also a member of the Swimmers writing team, where I will regularly publish articles related to music and musical instruments too. Join us!

The music industry is facing some severe challenges. If you like to play in small venues, as I do, you may feel like the whole world fell apart because so many closed due to the pandemic. Don’t despair. There are plenty of musicians that found ways to thrive with virtual appearances. You can become one too.

You can still create excellent music and perform for an audience in new ways using innovative technology. You came to the right place to learn about these things and more as we join together in our collaborative musical journey.